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These web sites support and are intended for all who make music on your computer using VST instruments and other VST plugins in any musical genre.

If you have visited this site and will belong to those who create music on your computer or just about to try. Right now we are used to this website, where you will find lots of interesting links, you can download and try out a variety of VST plugins (speech they come later), or have a look at developers who many of its "plug-ins" offer for free.

The best option to process, create, edit, or mix and arrange the music on a computer, DAW - Digital Audio Workstations, which is primarily specific software and to him, if possible, connecting other useful hardware that transforms your computer into a mini home recording studio.

Among the most famous virtual music studio include FL Studio from Image-Line or from the developer Steinberg Cubase virtual music studio. VST plugin also supports Ableton from the same company. Slightly different chapter as Sonar from Cakewalk focused more on support work with midi sounds, but with support for DirectX plugins instead of VST plugins, and the ability to write notes directly into staves, as in other virtual Audiostudio Reason with similar functions, suitable for creating audio loops, sampling, and with the support midi bank notes can be written in the piano roll.
All of the latter studies offer similar features as the first two - the FL Studio and Cubase - but without support for VST plugins, which is quite a loss. In practice, this means that you can work with sounds somehow already firmly identified in wav format, ie with pre-formed and uncompressed audio track, without them you can continue to work differently than the various effects, used for sampling, mixing, but can not process individual tones in the Audiostudio.
If you want to supplement your musical creation of realistic instrument sounds, which can themselves influence their elevation and the distance range within virtual Audiostudio, you have the choice basically just a virtual midi and real instruments or virtual instruments vst plugins. Both have their pros and cons, some virtual instruments based on the midi database in its credibility surpass VST plugins, but I think what the number is more freely available VST plugins, which in turn are more practical from a user point of view and in terms of credibility is certainly cope with the normal user midi banks, such as using your computer in preferences for peripheral midi support. All devices support DAW midi interface, including real connection device such as a MIDI keyboard.

I guess right now would be a good idea to explain what the VST and VSTi plugins are. VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plug (plug-in) is basically a technology that allows software which is designed to support this technology (virtual Audiostudio - eg Cubase) and other software - a plug-in module - communicate together seamlessly. VST plugin performs his part that generates a sound or effect, DAW flotator decodes it into an audio format that is sent over the audio device in a pc speakers to your ears and allows the user to make this sound effect or to continue working, process in pianorolu or in the stave (the one with FL Studio look, has a piano roll). Vst have different settings and presets, everything depends on the type, manufacturer and originality prices. Freely accessible plugins are doing worse, of course, but it depends how you. I do not want to advertise here, but for example, the developers of DSK music did a professional job for widespread use their software, and it's free.
Size VST plugin moves mostly around a few megabytes, for its operation is easy, they are mostly DLLs that "unpack" where already for him Audiostudio virtual folder created for this purpose, or you create your own folder in a virtual audostudiu its setting, the "show" the path to this folder.

VST plugins can be divided into two basic categories. The first are the generators of sounds - instruments - simulating the sounds of real instruments, or it may be a synthesizer with a range of possible (but i literally impossible) sounds like different noises, sounds of the natural world, machine sounds, or sounds of classic analog synthesizers. Another type of VST is fx, namely the effects that completes a simulated environment in which the tones are, formed in the depth, width, softness or reflection. These are effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, enhancer, and more. There is one group of effects, effects designed specifically for guitar, whether real or virtual. There are presets for different types of guitar sounds, both in terms of genre (crunch, rock, metal, punk, jazz, etc.) and what equipment to virtual systems (eg, what amp, what type of loudspeaker equipment or Marshall, Peavey, Yamaha etc.).
It should be noted that some VST plug-ins include instrument and also the effects and you can have a wider use for the generated sounds of other instruments, VST, wav or midi sounds.

But mainly what you need is enough patience, ideas, efforts and time, but rest assured, if you lack a sufficient amount of creative imagination and musical ear, so it's pretty hard work, if not impossible thing, because even in the most expressive musical style necessary that you are able to tap into what you actually created it and judge if it is good enough to make it after all could not be better.

Good luck


These pages have been translated using Google Translate automatic translators, for their imperfections, and any mistakes I apologize. Thank you.


Update:  September 2011


Greetings to all music enthusiasts, home of composer, musician and dealing with improvisations and arrangements of music. And especially those who used for this purpose VST plugins.
I would like to thank you for your support, which addresses these pages, because it means that fulfills its purpose.

I added some VST and will gradually grow more. I also introduced a new category - audio multisoftware - in which I describe the most famous DAW with their brief. There is, for example, Cubase, FL Studio or Mixcraft.

And if you want, you can vote in the new poll, where you can give voice to several DAW software which you consider to be good.

For easier and easier to search, a new menu item and search, you will get a list of all VST plugins for this site. Click in the menu on the table with the alphabet you will achieve the same, you can follow the initial letter plugin.

I wish a lot of great work and ideas!


Update:  February 2012


So once again greet you and thank you for your continued patronage. I added some VST plugins again - especially in the category of synth and put a link to redirect to two good and useful discussion forums in making music on the PC, and it cubase forum and Fruity Glower forum.

Search should now be easier to search through google, therefore your own customized search via Google.

Again shrunk several pages with developers VST plugins, others have been added, makes no sense to specify the number or name, but the important thing is that these sites still work and are here for you, for beginners and advanced music composer and improvising music arrangers. Still you good luck.