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This web page and are intended for everyone who creates music on
a PC using VST instruments and other VST plugins in any musical genre.

If you have visited this site, so surely you are one of those who make music on a computer, or is it just trying. For you are the site where you can find lots of interesting links, you can download and try out a variety of VST plugins (talking to them would come later), or have a look at developers , who many of its "plug-ins" are offered free.

Best way to process, produce, mix and edit or arrange music on the computer, is DAW - Digital Audio Workstations, a particular, specific software and for him, if possible, connected to other useful hardware that transforms your computer into a mini home recording studio. More on how to do this, you can find here and other information about the domestic processing of music should be here.

The most popular virtual music studio is FL Studio from Image-Line, or the developer of Steinberg's virtual music Studio Cubase. VST plugins also supported Ableton, who is from the developers of the same name. Slightly different example is the Sonar from Cakewalk focused more on support work with MIDI sounds, but with the support of DirectX plugins instead of VST plugins and the ability to write notes directly into the staves, as in other virtual Audiostudiu Reason with similar functions, suitable for creating audio loops, sampling, and support for MIDI bank notes can be entered into piano rolls.
All the latter studies offer similar functions as the first two - that is FL Studio and Cubase - but without support for VST plugins, which is quite a bad thing. In practice this means that you can work with the media has somehow fixed the designated format wav, ie previously created and uncompressed audio track, without them you can continue to work differently than the various class effects, use of sampling, mixing, but you can not handle the different tones directly Audiostudiu.
If you want to add your musical creations on the realistic sounds of instruments which can themselves affect their altitude and length scale within the virtual Audiostudiu, you can choose basically only midi or realistic virtual instruments and virtual instruments vst plugins. Both have their pros and cons, some virtual instruments with midi-based database in its credibility ahead of VST plugins, but I think that what the number is more freely available VST plugins, which in turn is more practical from a user perspective and credibility to what is surely adjust to an ordinary user midi banks like using your computer at preset for peripheral midi support. All DAW MIDI interface devices support, including connect the actual device, for example midikeyboards.

Think right now it would be good to explain what the VST and VSTi plugins actually are. VST (Virtual Studio Technology) plug (plug-in) is basically a technology that enables software that is designed to support this technology (virtual Audiostudiu - such as Cubase) and other software - a plug-in module - to communicate seamlessly together. VST plug-in performs its part, generating a sound or effect, DAW equipment of it decodes the audio format, is sent over the audio device in your PC and speakers to your ears and allows the user to this sound or effect could also work, process it pianorolls or directly in the staves (there do not look at FL Studio, has just piano rolls). Vst have different settings and presets, everything depends on the type, manufacturer and originality price. Plug-ins are freely available on the course gets harder, but that depends on both. I do not want to advertise, but for example, developers of DSK Music have done a professional job for widespread use their software for free.
Size VST plugins are generally move around a few megabytes, it is easy to launch, mostly it is a DLL that must unzip where they had for him a virtual folder Audiostudiu created for this purpose, or create their own virtual folder and its settings in audostudiu then show the path to the folder.

VST plugins can be divided into two basic categories. The generators are the sounds - instruments - sounds simulating real instruments, or it may be a synthesizer with a choice of potential (but also literally impossible) sounds, such as various noises, sounds familiar from nature, the sounds of machines, or the classic analog synthesizer sounds. Another type vst fx are, therefore, effects, and that adds to simulate the environment in which the tones are, shaping its depth, width, softness, or reflection. These are the type of reverb effects, delay, chorus, enhancer and more. There is another group of effects, effects, designed specifically for guitar, whether real or virtual. There are preset to a different type of guitar sounds, both genre (crunch, rock, metal, punk, jazz, etc.), so as to equip the virtual systems (such as combo, what type of speakers or equipment Marshall, Peavey, Yamaha etc.).
It should be noted that some VST plug-ins include the instrument and also the effects and you can have a wider use of the sounds generated by other VST instruments or midi sounds waves.

But mostly what you need is enough patience, ideas, efforts and time, but believe me, if they lack sufficient imagination and creative musical ear, so it's pretty hard work, if not impossible thing, because even the most expressive musical styles requires that you could penetrate it, what did you create and evaluate whether it's good enough to make it after all not be better.

Good luck


These pages have been translated using Google Translate automatic translators, for their imperfections, and any mistakes I apologize. Thank you.